Unexpected Ways to Know If You Have Health Problems

Unexpected Ways to Know If You Have Health Problems
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MERS Search: Disease Detectives Beat Bushes for Virus

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wanted to share this with you…Have you heard of the MERS Virus? Disease detectives are working hard to trace the origins of the current spread. Learn more here:


Seasonal Flu Symptoms & Health Risks

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It’s quite common for people to confuse symptoms of the cold and flu. How about this handy chart for a good reference?
If you can’t see the chart below please try this link that will take you to a similar chart:

You’re sick — now what?!

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First things first: Is it a cold or the flu? They share a handful of calling cards — stuffy nose, sneezing, scratchy throat — so look out for differences in severity. “Think of a toy train versus a real locomotive,” says Brian Currie, M.D., M.P.H., an infectious-disease specialist in New York City. “Being hit by a toy train could hurt but is mostly just annoying — that’s a cold. Having the flu, however, feels as if you’ve been run over by a high-speed freight train.” Especially when you throw in additional symptoms such as fever and muscle aches. While there’s no cure for either virus, you can make your ordeal less agonizing — and speed up recovery — by knowing how to handle your symptoms. Behold, the best ways to get back on a healthy track.


Find out more here:  http://healthyliving.msn.com/diseases/cold-and-flu/youre-sick-now-what