A tongue piercing can now mean better mobility for those who have been paralyzed

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A tongue piercing can now mean better mobility for those who have been paralyzed. The Tongue Drive System out performs the traditional sip-and-puff method that now powers wheelchairs.
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Scientists discover brain part that drives decision-making

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Scientists have located the part of the brain that is responsible for decision making. What was once thought to be linked to depression, is now actually connected to important life changes. This is really very cool.
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Most conventional physicians use the TSH test to determine if one has a thyroid disorder and to dose thyroid medications.

However, this test can often times be misleading, as levels of circulating hormones may fluctuate at different times, such as in Hashimoto’s, the person affected may fluctuate between highs and lows.

Additionally, when scientists first set the “normal” ranges of TSH for healthy individuals, they inadvertently included elderly patients and others with compromised thyroid function in the calculations leading to an overly lax reference range.

This resulted in people with underactive thyroid hormones being told that their thyroid tests were “normal,” based on this skewed reference range.

In recent years, The National Academy of Clinical Biochemists indicated that 95% of individuals without thyroid disease have TSH concentrations below 2.5 μIU/L, and a new normal reference range was defined by the American College of Clinical Endocrinologists to be between 0.3- 3.0 μIU/ml (1)

However, most labs have not adjusted that range in the reports they provide to physicians, and have kept ranges as lax as 0.2-8.0 μIU/ml. Most physicians only look for values outside of the “normal” reference range provided by the labs, and may not be familiar with the new guidelines. Thus many physicians may miss the patients who are showing an elevated TSH. This is one reason why patients should always ask their physicians for a copy of any lab results.

Functional medicine practitioners have further defined that normal reference ranges should be between 1 and 2 μIU/ml, for a healthy person not taking thyroid medications. Anecdotally, most patients feel best with a TSH between 0.5-2μIU/ml

It’s important to remember that reference ranges may not be applicable to everyone. What is normal for one person may be abnormal for the next. Reference ranges take into account the average values of 95% of the population. Thus, not everyone falls within the “normal” reference range. If you are in the 5%, you may experience symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism with TSH values that are considered normal. All doctors are taught the old adage “treat the patient and not the lab tests,” but unfortunately not many conventional doctors seem to follow this advice.

For more information on TSH, other tests and how you can take charge of your own health (including a letter for your physician), go to http://www.thyroidrootcause.org/1/post/2013/09/what-to-do-if-your-tsh-is-normal-and-you-are-anything-but.html


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Thanksgiving in my favorite American holiday. It’s a day to count our blessings and be thankful for all of the goodness we have in our lives.

It’s a day to be with family and loved ones and prepare a feast together.

My husband and I started making our own version of Thanksgiving dinner right after we got married. Over the last few years, as I have changed my diet from the Standard American Diet to a gluten free/dairy free diet, then Paleo diet, then my own diet, our Thanksgiving dinner has evolved quite a bit!

I am grateful for my supportive friends and family who have gone out of their way to make special meals and take me to special restaurants.

I feel so blessed to be where I am today, compared to the beginning of my journey…when I slept under two blankets in my Los Angeles apartment, when I had constant brainfog and needed to sleep for 11 hours to feel rested, when I was anxious all of the time, when I was losing my hair, when I had carpal tunnel in both hands, when I was addicted to caffeine and sugar… when I felt that I couldn’t do anything.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it became a butterfly”

This is a very personal quote from my Hashimoto’s journey. I thought my life was over as a result of this diagnosis, but I now realize that Hashimoto’s has made me a better person, the person I am today.

Mark Hyman, MD once said: “I didn’t choose this type of lifestyle, my body chose for me”, and this really resonates with me.

I now realize that it was my lifestyle that had everything to do with me getting an autoimmune condition and I encourage all of you to start making positive changes.

I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share my health journey with all of you, and hope that my experience helps you on your journey!

My hubby and I are making Thanksgiving dinner again this year, and will be joined by my parents, brother, my brother’s wonderful fiancee and her sister. We wanted to make something that would be tasty and nutritious for all of our guests, whether they follow a Paleo, Standard American Diet or Vegetarian Diet We have been working on the menu, recipes and shopping list for the last few days, and I’m excited to share our menu, recipes and shopping list with all of you! All of the meals are gluten, dairy, soy, and grain free and nutrient dense.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OUR FULL MENU, RECIPES AND SHOPPING LIST HERE: http://www.thyroidpharmacist.com/1/post/2013/11/thanksgiving-and-thyroid-friendly-recipes.html

OR HERE: http://www.thyroidpharmacist.com/uploads/1/4/7/1/14712146/thanksgiving_2013_menu_pdf.pdf

Wishing you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving

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Health Mushroom Compound Offers Hope for Cancer in Dogs and Humans

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There is great news for man and dog when it comes to cancer. A compound made of mushroom may be the next big thing in fighting certain cancers.

11-year-old football player dons a tie to honor team’s water boy

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Childhood apraxia of speech makes it difficult for 6-year-old Danny Keefe to talk, but the 6-year-old from Bridgewater, Mass., has an infectious personality and he certainly has style — he wears a suit and necktie every day, by choice. Still, his problems forming words and those threads can make him an easy target for cruel barbs from unthinking kids, but he’s not without friends.

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Foods That Can Help Fight Pain Due To Rheumatoid Arthritis

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#compoundingpharmacysacramento Did you know there are certain foods that can help fight pain due to rheumatoid arthritis? Click the link to see the video.
How do you handle your RA pain?