Breaking News! Anthem is no longer covering certain compounded prescriptions. They state that “For a compound drug to be covered it must contain at least one ingredient/drug that requires a prescription to obtain. Additionally, that ingredient/drug must also be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”.

You might ask yourself why your compounded prescriptions are not FDA approved. It is not within the FDA scope to be able to approve OR disapprove compounded medications. However, the chemicals and ingredients we compound with are purchased at FDA approved and inspected facilities. Unfortunately, we are not sure why your insurance is using that as an excuse to not cover compounded prescriptions.

This is not the first time insurance companies have tried to eliminate coverage of compounded medications. So what can patients do? We recommend reaching out to Anthem to fight for medication coverage. The most important action you can take is to call and let them know how much this will affect you. Make sure you spread the word to anyone else that uses Anthem and could be affected by this decision. The more people who get behind this, the more powerful the message will come across.

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