Here is my list of 10 things that every Hashimoto’s patient should know!

Professional Village Compounding Pharmacy and Medical Supplies found this information and wanted to share it with you. 
Ten Things I Wish My Doctor Would Have Told Me…

1. You are not going crazy! The anxiety you are feeling could be related to your thyroid. The antibodies are destroying thyroid tissue and this causes a release of hormones into your bloodstream causing hyperthyroidism.

2. Selenium deficiency has been linked with Hashimoto’s, Selenium supplements have been found to reduce thyroid antibodies. Consider using a Selenium supplement.

3. Going gluten free is a strategy that everyone with Hashimoto’s should try. Some people have been able to lose weight, get rid of many residual symptoms and even reduce or eliminate thyroid antibodies by going gluten free.

4. If you are having thyroid symptoms with “subclinical hypothyroidism”, it may be helpful to start thyroid hormones.

5. Some people may not convert thyroid hormones properly. There may be an advantage to taking a combination T4/T3 medication.

6. Your thyroid may work on its own again at some time in the future. There is a test that can be done to figure out it you can be weaned off from medications.

7. Hashimoto’s and iodine deficiency hypothyroidism should be treated differently. Iodine excess may aggravate Hashimoto’s in some cases.

8. You should retest your antibodies to see if your lifestyle interventions are working.

9. Your hair loss could be caused by low Ferritin. Ferritin is a stored form of Iron that is often depleted in Hashimoto’s.

10. Your diet could be helpful in reducing thyroid antibodies. Some people have even been able to eliminate their thyroid antibodies through diet alone!

I hope this information empowers you!

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